Tropical Design

  • Lush tropical planting in a London courtyard garden by Urban Tropics
  • Tropical garden and pond in a London garden designed and landscaped by Urban Tropics
  • Tropical Garden and Sauna | Urban Tropics
  • Exotic banana plants in a London garden
  • Tropical Garden and African Bauma | Urban Tropics

Tropical garden design ideas for London and UK

Imagine an ever evolving paradise brimming with palm trees, pre-historic tree ferns, giant bamboos and other flamboyant foiage punctuated by the hot colours of gingers and cannas. Well, a sub tropical garden in our less than perfect climate is not as absurd as it may sound, and with careful selection, exotic trees and shrubs which hitherto you may have thought impossible, will not only grow but positively flourish, throughout London and all but the coldest parts of the country and surprisingly with minimal maintenance.

The tropical garden is a place where form takes precedence over flowers. Architectural plants abound and plantings are lush. Flowers are used as accents rather than dominating and where they are used they are always exotic. Mirrors, ancient artefacts and cascading water combine with natural materials such as ipe hard wood decking, railway sleepers and slate to produce an urban jungle paradise. Whereas the English garden has maximum interest in Spring and then sadly loses much of its impetus, the tropical garden evolves and just gets better and better as the seasons rotate. Urban Tropics design and build sub tropical and exotic gardens in London and country.

Garden Designer Peter Phillips | Urban Tropics London