Garden Maintenance

Caring for your Garden

Whilst at Urban Tropics we aim to keep all our gardens as low maintenance as possible, there will inevitably be a certain amount of maintenance in any garden. Many factors govern the amount of work a garden requires, with the highest factor being lawn care. Gardens are not static and a healthy garden will evolve needing regular feeding and pruning in order to maintain health and to remain true to the original design. The majority of gardens require weekly maintenance throughout the spring, summer and autumn months, and at the very least every other week throughout the winter. Patio and terrace gardens and roof gardens are the exception and may only need a maintenance program involving a few visits per year. We will of course advise on this at the time.

As horticulturists and landscapers we are the first to recognise that real garden maintenance goes far beyond just cutting the lawn and blowing a few leaves. It requires a trained eye and a dedicated passion and knowledge of how to keep a garden looking as it should. This is easier said than done of course, with many maintenance companies employing untrained labourers who neglect feeding and pruning programs leaving weeds to proliferate and trees and shrubs to grow out of shape and containment of size. Before long your once beautiful pride and joy can quickly descend into a mess and eyesore requiring much work to restore to former glory.

One aspect of maintenance we do take care of is irrigation to ensure your new garden is wanting for regular watering. This is the one thing we urge all our customers to include as we consider it an absolute essential which will quickly assist in the development and welfare of your whole garden.

The solution of finding a good gardener is not easy. We recommend looking at other gardens in your immediate area. Don't be shy about asking friends or knocking on neighbour's doors as recommendations are ultimately the best. Don't be put off by small companies or even one or two man bands as they are very often better than large companies who can be under staffed and over committed. Even a maintenance gardener can be passionate about his or her work and a good one with basic knowledge will take care and maintain your garden loving it as much as you do and alerting you to any concerns.

Finally, even an experienced gardener may not be familiar with some of the unusual exotic trees and shrubs we plant, so to assist, regardless of whether unusual or not, we supply care sheets complete with a photo for easy identification, of all the trees and shrubs used in your design. We are also on hand to assist in the unlikely event a problem should arise - part of the service we extend to all our clients.