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Lighting Design London

Garden lighting is an essential ingredient of any garden design. Your garden should be inviting by night as well as by day so garden lighting is an important key element of any succesful garden design. It is an aspect of design which deserves careful thought and planning and should be discrete and never dominating.

Getting this balance right is essential. Uplighters in the beds can be so effective especially under architectural trees or plants - Those with open leaves like palm trees, ferns, and olive trees are examples of the most suitable subjects for lighting, rather than trying to light a plant or tree with dense foliage where the light cannot penetrate. Mood lighting is the objecttive.

Gone are the days of large ugly expensive to run 100w mains fed garden lighting. Even the so called 50w low voltage uplighters have been relegated to the history books. The new era of contemporary garden lighting welcomes LED Lighting. All our lighting designs are installed by our registered qualified electricians.

Garden Designer Peter Phillips | Urban Tropics London