Landscaping Service London

Urban Tropics offer a complete landscaping service employing master craftsmen for all aspects of your hard landscaping requirements together with a team of plantsmen who really care about creating beautiful gardens. We aim to be different from our competitors and to make your garden the most beautiful room of the home


  • Garden Decking London| Urban Tropics

    Hardwood Decking

    Urban Tropics specialise in supplying and installing beautiful ipe South American hardwood decking on tanalised timber frames. Ipe is renowned for its longevity and resistance to algae, thus ensuring a slip resistant finish. In the USA it is often referred to as Iron Wood and for good reason. It is three times heavier than oak but despite this, it is one of the most attractive woods in the world..

  • Patio Landscaping London| Urban Tropics

    Natural Stone Patios

    For those requiring either a traditional or contemporary natural stone patio, we offer a wide and varied choice of sizes and textures ranging from graded Indian Sandstone to Sawn Sandstone and reclaimed York Stone. No matter what your preeference our skilled landscapers take great care and excercise the same exacting standards to all their work to provide a beautiful finish.

  • Garden Water Feature London | Urban Tropics

    Water Features

    Nothing relaxes the senses more than the sound of water whether it be a contemporary water feature such as the one above or a pond featuring aged huge Westmoreland rocks complete with beautiful golden carp, and of course fileration systems to help keep the water clear of alagae. Water features can vary a great deal in price, but all of them will lend a certain unforgetable magic to your garden.

  • palm tree london garden | Urban Tropics

    Specimen Trees

    Trees add scale to your garden and help add structure to the plants at the lower level. We specialise in some of the most beautiful evergreens from around the world, such as palm trees, magnolia grandiflora with their breathtaking dinner plate size flowers in summer, true mimosas, loquats with their deelicious fruits and age old olive trees with their fabulous gnarled and twisted trunks.

  • Architectural plants | Urban Tropics

    Architectural Plants

    Architectural plants play an essential role in our gardens. They act as focal points, and with our expertise in planting, each and everyone can be admired as they develop. We pay special attention to an interplay of different textures, shapes and colour creating interest throughout your garden. Whether your design is densley planted or minimalist they will compliment your hard landscaping.

  • exotic flowers for london gardens

    Exotic Flowers

    Flowers will add warmth to your garden but should be used sparingly and never dominate. With a great underrstanding of the British cllimate we know our limitations, but can still include stunning exotic flowers which hitherto you might have though would be denied to you in our too often cool summers. In London for example certain gingers and exotic lilies will not just survive but positevely thrive.